How the nuts and bolts are connected

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Hardware connectivity

The hardware is now in the datacentre but there are various ways that the servers could be connected. This means planning the connections between the servers, from the server to the internet, and connecting power. In this blog, I’ll take you along in the design that I made on how to connect the servers. The


New hardware

On the 24th of September 2017, I’ve placed a single Dell PowerEdge R710 in the XS4ALL datacentre in Amsterdam. Now, three years later, it finally came to an upgrade. I already bought two newer servers (two Dell PowerEdge R720’s) and had them laying around since the end of 2017. Sadly, I never found the money


Hello world!

Okay, it finally happened! My ‘tech’ blog is here. But wait, It’ll be more than ‘just’ a tech blog! For me, this is a place to get stuff out of my mind and onto paper (well, webpage) for both work and private. But who am I? I’m Bart Oevering an Infrastructure Consultant working for RedLogic.

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